Case Studies

Green Infrastructure

How a well thought out marketing strategy helped a green infrastructure training project become an exemplar project.

Natural Resources Wales, Swansea Council, and Urban Foundry were successful in an application to the UK Government Community Renewal Fund to run a series of green infrastructure training courses led by national experts.

The sessions aimed to upskill landscapers, gardeners, building and maintenance businesses in Swansea.

They asked me to help raise awareness of the project and use my digital marketing experience to promote and populate these workshops.

Key to engaging the businesses most likely to benefit from the courses was targeted marketing through LinkedIn, which was seen by the project delivery team as an important part of the success of the project.

Swansea Business Support and Green Recovery Project Evaluation Report by Cwmpas.

Results that speak
for themselves

Creating an impactful landing page with details of all the events was step one.

Then, using paid Facebook and LinkedIn ads, we were able to accurately target the key audiences. The response was overwhelming – all workshops oversubscribed with waiting lists, forcing us to pause the paid social media ads.

But it wasn’t just about the clicks and likes. 176 professionals working in the green sector attended the 11 workshops. I managed the events on Eventbrite, created a digital leaflet to send to contacts, and wrote organic content that resonated on social media.

Targeted emails to the different audiences supported the social media campaign, and pre and post-event press releases and articles showcased the success of the project.

The buzz around the initiative reverberated positively in the press, and it became an exemplar project in the green infrastructure sector.

Behind the scenes, I helped Penny from Swansea Council and Fran from Natural Resources Wales with the event management on the day and collected engaging content to share. Plus, I managed the database of contacts and attendees.

All the activity adhered to the Welsh Language Measure.

Kickstarting A New Green Economy In The Swansea Bay Area

The green infrastructure training project was more than just a series of workshops, it became a testament to what happens when vision, collaboration, and strategic marketing converge for economic and social change.

Credit to the key partners for making this such a success.

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