Case Studies

HQ Urban Kitchen

Cooking up a marketing strategy for a brand serving more than just delicious food and drinks.

Located in the heart of Swansea City Centre, HQ Urban Kitchen isn’t just a café, it’s a social enterprise on a mission.

With sustainability at its core and a passion for its community, HQ Urban Kitchen needed a brand and a marketing strategy that echoed their values.

HQ Urban Kitchen is driven by sustainability, strong community values, and the desire to sell really delicious food and drinks. But we also need to be commercially competitive. Lucy's marketing expertise has ensured our growth and prominence in the market. She's part of the team.

Laura Reynolds, Café Manager, HQ Urban Kitchen

The proof was in the

I stepped in, bringing my experience in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and offline marketing to provide ongoing marketing support and the results were tangible.

There was a significant increase in customers, a boost in sales, and a social media reach and engagement that soared by 150%. The customer base expanded, and the ‘for hire’ side, a new income stream, was successfully developed. The community became more aware of HQ Urban Kitchen’s brand values and purpose.

My playbook for success:

  • Weekly marketing meetings ensured everyone was on the same page.
  • Created a brand identity that set the tone, from the logo to brand guidelines.
  • Wrote a marketing strategy that mapped out the journey for HQ Urban Kitchen.
  • Produced leaflets, posters, and a website to tell the story visually.
  • Managed their social media, creating both organic and paid content.
  • Supported a (brilliant) marketing intern called Daniel Harris.

It wasn’t just about marketing, it was about creating an experience, a brand that stands out for the taste of its food and its social purpose.

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