Case Studies

Urban Foundry

A tale of branding brilliance and ethical marketing.

Urban Foundry, a certified B Corp creative regeneration agency, has been witnessing remarkable growth.

But their marketing needs were not just about expansion, they needed to ensure their brand echoed the values that set them apart.

Our growth has been remarkable in recent years. Lucy's expertise has been instrumental in ensuring our brand messaging remains coherent whilst we have been exploring new avenues. Her marketing has made us well known, and her integration as a team member has contributed to our growth. We even invite her to work events, leaving dos and the office Christmas party!

Tara Tarapetian, Director, Urban Foundry

Starting at the

We started with a clear and powerful brief.

To boost brand visibility and align digital and offline marketing with their ethical ethos during a phase of significant growth.


  • Urban Foundry’s brand not only stood out but became a familiar name in their target sectors. It wasn’t just about visibility, it was about being recognised for their unique ethos.
  • Quarter after quarter, social media engagement increased, creating a digital conversation that mirrored Urban Foundry’s core values.
  • Played a key role in their projects’ success and subsequent business expansion.
  • Urban Foundry’s client base grew through targeted strategies that resonated with the right audiences.

Guiding the team
to success

Behind the scenes, I led weekly marketing meetings, managed Urban Foundry’s social media accounts to mirror their ethos and generated content to tell an authentic and powerful story. From leaflets to exhibition stands, every piece of marketing collateral was an expression of Urban Foundry’s values.

I didn’t just provide traditional marketing support. I worked closely with the project managers offering advice and training where appropriate, empowering them with the knowledge they needed to continue their success. It’s an honour to be part of the Urban Foundry team and yes, I do love the party invitations!

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