It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

Lucy peeping from a wall. Text: It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!
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‘It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for’ – advice from my Mum that stuck with me. She was probably alluding to the shadowy corners of Cinderella’s Nightclub in 1989 – although it was usually me in the shadowy corners drinking Special VAT cider (with a straw).

Applying her theory to LinkedIn, it strikes me how relevant it is. On LinkedIn, the quiet ones are not passive observers, they are potential clients, future collaborators, or silent endorsers who read and absorb your content without a trace of engagement.

Don’t overlook the lurkers

These LinkedIn lurkers are welcome (unlike the days of dark corners in nightclubs). In fact, it’s the quiet ones who will probably bring good news and gifts of work.

Metric obsession

We’re all a bit metric-obsessed. Likes, shares, comments, and the odd thumbs up emoji. In my line of work, being metric-obsessed comes with the territory – that’s what my clients pay me for.

But, your ideal client, the one you’re actually trying to reach, might never leave a digital footprint such as a like or a comment. They may be silently watching, reading, and absorbing everything you post, all without ever making a ripple in your metrics.

This is particularly true in the B2B marketing world where the cost of goods and services can be higher.

The warm contact

Marcus Sheridan says ’70 percent of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to the company.’ Clients rarely come to us cold.

I’m pointing this out, because I’ve had a few new clients recently who started the conversation ‘I’ve been following your content on LinkedIn…’ Or words to that effect. Obviously, I am flattered, and excited. But I had no idea they were there. They were already warmed up to working with me. They’ve read my content and probably visited my website and know my prices. We’re in a good place.

Slave to the algorithm

LinkedIn’s algorithm seems to be having a bit of a mid-life crisis, with general engagement taking a hit. But it raises a question – do we place too much emphasis on these numbers?

Surely, if we concentrate on authenticity, sharing content we believe is genuinely interesting, useful, and speaks to our network, then the figures should be taken in context?

There’s no shortage of fortune cookie-style motivational posts wrapped in fluffy clouds that rake in intergalactic levels of engagement. Yet, I’m not prepared to sell my soul for a ride on that bandwagon.

Unless it’s a quote from Pat Butcher. Obvs.

Mull over the universe with a glass of wine

I hope this helps. For more words of wisdom (!), you can find me with a glass of wine at ‘Anti-Social After Work Drinks’. The third Thursday of every month, 5pm – 7pm, at HQ Urban Kitchen in Swansea. Or send me a message and let’s have a coffee.

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