The two tools a marketer really needs

The two tools a marketer really needs
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In recent days, I’ve come across a multitude of LinkedIn carousels aggressively pimping must-have tools that every marketer supposedly can’t survive without.

The allure of the short cut

These include a variety of gadgets, applications, and subscriptions that appear magical and offer an instant high. Reflecting on this jungle of LinkedIn carousels, I’m shocked that I’ve managed to survive in marketing for so long.

A simple weather forecast

Just the other day, I found myself giving my dad a rundown of the day’s weather forecast. I turned to my BBC weather app, only to sigh with frustration as it struggled to load due to my parents’ medieval WiFi connection. My dad looked at me and sarcastically asked why I hadn’t just looked out the window for a weather assessment. It made me pause.

In all honesty, he had a valid point.

And it made me think.

The modern world of marketing is filled with shortcuts, clever hacks, and tools that promise gold and unicorns. As a tech nerd, I possess an impressive collection of subscriptions, gadgets, and apps.

Yet, in spite of these ‘assets’, I have come to recognise that there are ONLY two tools that we truly need. And if the quality of these two tools is lacking, then the downloadable tools won’t be very effective.

1. Your brain

Yes, this is your most powerful tool as a marketer. Unfortunately, there is no magic prompt or latest version to install. Your brain is the bit that ensures distinctiveness and individuality. The unrivalled blend of creativity and analysis resides within it. Occasionally, we are weird and unpredictable, and that’s what often evolves into our greatest ideas and work.

There aren’t any genuine shortcuts that replace brain-work. And the more advanced and experienced our brains are, the more effectively these apps and gadgets will enhance your work.


ChatGPT tries to imitate our brains, however, it is incapable of replicating the deep (and sometimes deprived and unsettling) recesses of our brain’s corridors.

I recently found myself drinking beer with seasoned creative directors, who aptly reminded me of some of the weird campaigns that have been presented to clients over the years. It’s clear that such campaigns wouldn’t have originated from the realm of ChatGPT’s algorithmic capabilities. Because they don’t follow computer generated logic.

Nothing can overshadow the brilliance of your brain. Nurtured through practice and fuelled by a wealth of experience and knowledge, there are no true shortcuts.

Gadgets function best when managed by a highly engaged and energised brain.

2. Your heart

In the world of marketing, the other tool that stands out is your heart. Your heart adds instincts and emotions that might not always make logical sense but add a human touch to everything.

As marketers, we’re not just strategists we’re also people who experience things, much like our customers. We’re uniquely positioned to sense the rhythm of marketing, to work out how our customers might react. Our brain sets the parameters but your heart fills in the gaps with a dose of authenticity and emotion.


It’s your heart that breathes life into the content we craft, infusing it with sentiments and depth. In a world full of figures and strategies, it’s the heart that reminds us of the human aspect.

Imagine attempting online dating using only your brain. It simply wouldn’t work. It’s your heart that creates that yearning, desire (and sometimes the ‘ick’).

The holistic approach – brain and heart (and the odd download)

I’m not suggesting that you don’t need anything except your brain and heart. However, you can’t substitute them.

Believe me, genuine shortcuts only work if the brain and heart are fully trained and optimised.

Regardless of how much you strive to simplify your life, it’s the hard work, the thoughtful brain, and the passionate heart that will create your finest work. So earn those stripes.

Next time you feel inadequate when faced with those carousels, have faith in your own in-built tools.

Fancy a beer?

The next Anti-Social After Work Drinks is this Thursday August 17 – if you fancy chatting about brains and hearts over some wine…

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