Beware the LinkedIn remedy pedlars!

Beware the LinkedIn remedy pedlars
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The LinkedIn remedy pedlars

Have you ever felt like you’re walking through a virtual market of snake oil sales pitches on LinkedIn? I know I have! There’s a lot of pent-up, almost aggressive people peddling quick fixes on this platform. It’s like they’ve been holding in their quack pitches for so long that they just can’t wait to unleash them on unsuspecting professionals. They promise you the world and all its riches, but the truth is, they’re just looking to make a quick buck or sign you up to a newsletter or bully you into buying their potions.

It’s as if they’ve just completed a weekend course on “How to become an instant business success coach” and now they’re ready to preach their newfound wisdom to the world. I can almost see them in my mind’s eye, jumping up and down, waving their hands frantically, and yelling “I have the cure for your business woes!”

But let’s be real here. Quick fixes are not the answer to all your business problems. They might give you a temporary boost, but they rarely provide a lasting solution. It’s like putting a plaster on a severed leg.

Carousels of promises

And let’s not forget about those carousels of promises we’re bombarded with on LinkedIn. It’s like being in a fairground with those distorted mirrors everywhere. Are these people really as successful as they make themselves out to be? Or have they made their fortune selling tips that ‘promise’ to transform businesses – there’s a huge difference.

I remember when I was in my early 20s, swinging from one diet fad to another, trying every exercise video and weight loss programme under the sun. But the truth is, none of them worked for me until I saw a lovely nutritionist who helped me change my eating habits for good. I stopped alternating cabbage soup with scrambled egg and sausage baps (oh they were good) and focused on eating good quality food – alongside my potent diet of late-night wine with clients in London obviously!

Follow the people who inspire you

The same principle applies to business. Don’t let these flashy carousels put you off track. Slow and steady does win the race. Don’t follow people that make you feel inadequate. Follow people who offer valuable information or that you are interested in. For example, I’ll watch/read/stalk anything with Marcus Sheridan in it. He doesn’t offer any quick fixes; he tells us to remember the basics. I’ve seen him talk live twice and his enthusiasm for life, business, his family, and swimming pools makes me want to jump in the air and shout HELL YEAH!

Another person who inspires me is Sara Davies from Dragon’s Den. Simply looking at her photos and reading her journey to success is enough to inspire anyone. So don’t get caught up in the bizarre carousels of promises and follow those who truly offer valuable insights and inspiration.

And what inspires one person is different to the next. It’s a personal thing. If Pat Butcher was on LinkedIn, I’d delete everyone else and just follow her.

The bottom line

There are no quick fixes or crash diets when it comes to business success. There’s always one exception to the rule – that one person that followed a particular strategy and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. However, there are also millions who it didn’t work for. Who tried and tried but just couldn’t make it work. Don’t let the exception to the rule define everyone. Instead, focus on the fundamentals, take things slow and steady, and trust in the process and trust in yourself. Success may not come overnight, but when it does, it will be worth the wait. You are better off investing in continuous improvement – like upskilling with a short course.

So, let’s avoid the snake oil sales pitches, stay true to our values, and focus on building a sustainable and successful business in our own way.

And, in the wise words of my idol and mentor Pat Butcher, “I ain’t no pushover, and I ain’t no fool.”

“I ain't no pushover, and I ain't no fool” Pat Butcher

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