Why you should love your competitors

Why you should love your competitors
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How do you feel about your competitors? Do you want to crush them, humiliate them, or make them cry like babies? Do you blank them at networking events? Or maybe they ignore you and make you feel inadequate.

But what if I told you that loving your competitors could be the key to your success? There are benefits to building relationships with your competitors and why collaboration is essential in today’s business world.

I love meeting other agencies and marketing consultants. It’s like discovering a secret society of like-minded professionals who understand the struggles and triumphs of the industry. Whether big or small, we all face the same challenges, and it’s reassuring to know that we’re not alone in the trenches. Even though I’ve worked for a big agency in the past, I still face the same obstacles today as a small business owner. The only difference? The boozy lunches are no longer a ‘thing’ – and trust me, my liver is grateful for the break. Thank heavens for the lack of social media back then too.

See where being friendly leads

Competition is stressful but it can also be exhilarating. But instead of trying to awkwardly blank your competitors at networking events, why not find inspiration in their success? By building relationships with your competitors, you can create a supportive industry network that benefits everyone.

Collaboration is key in the business world. When you share knowledge, resources, and expertise, you can create joint ventures and partnerships that help both parties grow their businesses. And who knows, you might even inspire each other to reach new heights.

As a marketing consultant, working with other agencies and freelancers has widened the scope of what I can offer my clients. It’s not about being the only player in the game, it’s about playing the game to win. Sometimes, recommending other agencies and suppliers to businesses is the right move. It’s about putting your client’s needs first, even if that means referring them to someone else who is a better fit.

At the end of the day, what matters most is creating a successful outcome for your client – and that’s something that requires collaboration and a willingness to know your own limits.

The ‘should I go public with my prices’ debate

Hiding your prices from your competitors is futile – it’s not going to work, and it’s not worth the effort. Instead of being secretive, why not be upfront and transparent about your prices? By doing so, you can build trust with your clients and show your competitors that you’re not afraid to be honest about what you charge.

If someone wants to work with you, they’ll work with you, regardless of the price tag. Any potential clients who are interested in your services will want a sense of cost – and preferably before they get in contact with you for the first time. We all charge different rates for a reason, and being open about your prices can help potential clients understand what they can expect and whether or not you’re the right fit for their needs.

Be clear and direct about your prices, even if they’re not set in stone. It’s all about being honest and transparent in the business world.

Stop saying you’re different

We all like to think we’re unique and different, but there’s not a lot of difference between what decent agencies offer and the results they can achieve. We may have different areas of expertise, but often we’re all striving to achieve the same goal.

That’s why it’s good to focus on your customer service and people skills. People buy from people they know and trust, and they’ll stay loyal if you make their life easier and show them that you care.

But don’t forget to find those little gems of difference that make you stand out from your competitors. Whether it’s your exceptional customer service, a nerdy obsession with data, or a love of leopard print and big earrings (yes, I went there), celebrate it and make it a core part of your brand identity. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Embrace your quirks, and show the world what makes you unique.

Don’t try to be something you are not

It’s important to love yourself and what you do, without getting bogged down by LinkedIn anxiety and comparing yourself to others. Trust in yourself and your unique brand, and don’t try to be everything to everyone. If you dilute your brand by trying to copy others or cater to every single client, you risk losing the very thing that makes you stand out.

There’s room for all of us in this sector, and by working together to overcome common challenges, we can create a stronger and more successful community.

Let’s dance together under the disco ball of success!

Come and say hello to me!

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Thank you to Bec Jones from reTHINK PR & Marketing (fab agency) for permission to use their photos in my blog – and for being supportive.

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