The toxic world of bro marketing

Lucy Beddall sipping margarita with a macbook pro being a bro.

I’ve noticed a lot of bro marketing on my social media feeds recently. Especially on my much-loved LinkedIn. It’s brazen, often misleading, and can be quite aggressive. For those unfamiliar with bro marketing, it tempts you with promises of a brand new life with an eight-figure salary, all starting with an e-book that hooks you […]

Are you feeling frumpy? A guide to diagnosis and cure

Are you feeling frumpy? Image of Lucy Beddall with a mug of coffee.

The dreaded comfort zone Do you ever feel like you’re coasting along in your professional life? Stuck in a job-rut? I’m not talking about your choice of outfit (although that can be a symptom too). I’m referring to that sense of feeling frumpy. How to diagnose frumpiness: The mental health factor: It’s not just about […]

Surviving the work night out

Work night out in London

Mary Poppins said, ‘In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.’ I often experience vivid and occasionally traumatic flashbacks of these ‘elements of fun’ from past work nights out. (Disclaimer: please can my current and past work colleagues NOT share any of these ‘elements‘). Having matured, and with the advent […]

From PJs to shoulder pads – networking in post-COVID times

From PJs to shoulder pads - networking in post-COVID times

Breaking barriers and building trust… over a pint of coffee or beer In a world where our digital interactions can feel robotic, there’s something special about connecting with others in a casual setting. Networking fell out of favour for a while but now it is back. And it’s even more valuable. Hello authenticity We all […]

Why you should love your competitors

Why you should love your competitors

How do you feel about your competitors? Do you want to crush them, humiliate them, or make them cry like babies? Do you blank them at networking events? Or maybe they ignore you and make you feel inadequate. But what if I told you that loving your competitors could be the key to your success? […]